Saturday, September 23, 2017

I don't like them

I bought stamps yesterday.  Can't say that I liked any of the ones I was offered. I'd heard they were trying to unload the jack-o-lantern stamps from last year. No such luck. I ended up with some Disney stamps. I don't like them.  

Stamps I'd like to see

Great Barbarians series
Attila-the-Hun, Genghis Khan

Great outlaws:
Seth Wilmouth [a distant cousin, robbed a few trains in Missouri]
Clyde Barrow
Bonnie Parker
John Dillinger

Evan Rachel Wood
[she's not even dead, yet. Dang, she's hot looking. I'd buy them]

Haunted Hotels
The Stanley
Hotel Jerome
Hotel Coronado

Note to post office:
one side a card of stamps, other side a scratch off lottery ticket.

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