Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Stuff

Putting out a new book really soon now. When you bring out a book certain decisions have to be made.  In consultation with my co-author and the publisher we decided not to bother to get quotes and just go with a description of the book. Quotes can be something of a pain. They can also tie up production sitting around waiting for someone to read the darned book and provide said quote.  

Still, here are some quotes I'd love to see:

Better than most books that I didn't read.

I liked it real good. Where's my Twenty bucks?

If I'd actually read this book I'm sure I would've liked it.

The babe on the cover is hot.  

It would be better if there was a babe on the cover, a really hot one. Otherwise it's okay.

I liked the babe on the cover, then I was informed that's a dude so I don't like it anymore.

It looks like Chinamen on the cover. What kind of commie crap is this?

My dog could write better than this crap. In fact, he says they stole his idea.

This is the sort of thing we publish in hell.   -Nick M., The Devil.

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