Monday, October 2, 2017


I went with my father to buy books last week.  He likes westerns.  He can trade in the old ones and get more of them at one of the used book stores.  I guess it keeps him off the streets.  What I noticed though, was this bookstore had customers and seemed to be a viable business. Yet, gone are the chain bookstores.  Well, they say they still  exist but I never see them anywhere.  I don't know why.

At the same store, I have a few of my books on their shelves.  They don't sell well.  But they do sell every now and then. I seriously doubt my father realizes I have books that I've written for sale in that same book store. He's never shown much interest in my writing and I'm sure it's never occurred to him that I have books in there.  My books are not westerns.  

Well, people read what hey want.  They had some cute birthday cards, too. My brother has a birthday coming up. I suggested he buy a card. He wouldn't do it. Then we left.

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