Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fair enough

I was in the doctor's office waiting room yesterday.  This couple seemed to be making plans for the State Fair, which is apparently running now. That caused me to wax nostalgic. About five years ago I went to the fair in Colorado.  I even had a date, a lovely red-haired woman named Daphne.  And we were strolling around the place and this one booth caught her attention.  They printed your name on t-shirts in Chinese characters.  Well, she bought one and stopped by the ladies room and changed into her new shirt.  A few minutes later some guy went by and said"cock sucker."  I thought that was rather crude. A few minutes later a woman said the same thing. And it appeared to be directed at Daphne. 

"What'd you call me?" she asked.

"Your shirt said cock  sucker in Chinese," the woman insisted.

Daphne tuned bright red, almost as red as her hair. She flagged down another passerby, who looked Chinese. "What does it say on my shirt?"

He stared at her, reluctant to answer.

"What does it say?"

"Cock sucker," he reluctantly answered.  

I started laughing so hard I damn near injured myself. I couldn't stop. She was getting madder and madder, turning her rage from the people in the booth toward me. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say. But I could not stop laughing. Things like laughter are involuntary responses, but no telling that to her.  And the booth was closed when we got back over there. It was a very long ride home. She never went out with me again. I actually rather liked her, but I could not stop laughing. And she was not very forgiving. 

I still think it was damn funny, but rather mean that those people did that. 

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