Monday, October 30, 2017

Random Thoughts From New Mexico

Driving home from Mile Hi Con, random thoughts:

It seems like the only place to eat alongside the  I-25 are McDonald;s and Denny's.
Must be hunting season, I hope it's hunting season, there sure are a lot of men with rifles.
Why do they have such crappy restrooms at highway rest area?
Gas is higher than in Tucson
Drinking fluids makes me appreciate the crappy bathrooms in New Mexico rest areas and wish they had more
Really cute redhead driving that police car ;[near Albuquerque].Should I blow a red light and see if she pulls me over? Then I could talk to her.  (What guys won't do to meet women).
Is it national Truck Driving Day--They're everywhere.
Damn I wish I'd gotten to talk to that female officer.
Amazing how cold it was in Colorado, then I go into New Mexico and it's warm.
They don't seem to have many houses decorated--must be a Tucson thing. [It's almost Halloween].
Damn, I sure wish I'd have gotten that redhead to pull me over. Would've even been better if she'd handcuffed me and searched me.
Petro Truck stops have better bathrooms than roadside rest areas.
Going through Border Patrol checkpoint. What would they do, after they asked if I was a U.S. citizen and I said I couldn't remember?

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