Monday, November 6, 2017

Random thoughts on I 10

Driving to the Phoenix area for the Tempe Book Festival, I wondered:

Why isn't there any place to eat alongside the interstate but Denny's and McDonald's?

The roadside rest area is disgusting--far worse than the ones in Colorado. I can honestly say Colorado has some of the nicest rest areas I've ever seen.

Is it national truck day?  Does everyone with a truck just get out and drive at the same time?

"Don't pick up hitchhikers?" How are escaped inmates supposed to get anywhere if no one picks them up?

I never see any hitchhikers out here in the boondocks anyway. They're usually in town.

How come they never have any cute redheads hitchhiking?  Obviously, because cute redheads can get a ride without having to hitchhike.  Duh.

What was that roadkill?  I don't think it was a dog, but I'm not sure what it was.

Is that state trooper behind me going to pull me over? Nope.  He's probably just looking for someplace besides Denny's  to eat at, same as me.

When do we get driverless cars? I could be taking a nap. Taking a nap whilst driving is not a good idea in my car--but the future will be wonderful as I sleep blissfully whilst my car careens off a cliff.

Driverless trucks lumbering along at 75 mph--what could possibly go wrong?  At least they won't have to eat at Denny's.

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