Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Writers Guidelines, Hotel Haunted

Below are the guidelines for an anthology I will be editing along with julie Campbell, if anyone's interested in submitting.

Hotel Haunted
Writers Guidelines

Editors, David B. Riley & J. A. Campbell

Wolfsinger Publications is looking for story submissions for  a new anthology entitled Hotel Haunted. All stories must, at least in part, take place at a haunted lodging establishment. This can include a hotel or similar business such as a rooming house, dormitory or hostel. They can take place in any location or time period. 

All stories must have a supernatural entity i.e. ghost in them.  Ghosts come in many forms. We don’t care if it’s a full bodied apparition, a mist entity, a black/silhouette ghost, disembodied voice or even a demonic entity–as long as it’s recognizable as some form of ghost. This is a work of fiction. We do not want a retelling of Ghost Adventures episodes. Have interesting characters. Unusual villain or heroes are welcome. This is a horror book. We are looking for something scary with recognizable horror or dark fantasy content. We are not after Casper the friendly ghost. You can use humor, but our bias is toward something scary. 

Reading period will be December 15th, 2017–January 15th, 2018. Please, only one story at a time. Submit in standard manuscript format, 12pt Times New Roman or similar font. We do not like courier. We like simple clean manuscripts–don’t embed anything cute or fancy. All terms by written contract and acceptances are subject to final approval by the publisher.

You can review sample contract at the Wolfsinger Publications web page. Basically, the author will receive a $5.00 advance payment for the right to use the Work in all English language print and e-book editions of the Anthology. The listed amount is an advance against a share of fifty percent of all future income received by WolfSinger Publications from all editions of the Anthology less any handling costs, service fees, or discounts when paid in full by the distributor, bookstore, vendor, organization. The fifty percent share allocated to contributors shall be distributed  in proportion to the number of authors in the Anthology.

Submit stories as an attached file. We prefer /DOC or .RTF files. Please include a word count and put hotel haunted submission in subject line. Before you submit, look over your submission. Have you included full contact info on the first page of the manuscript? That means name, address, email & phone #. Does your manuscript have a word count? Is the file name similar to the story name? At the end of your story, did you include the words “The End” or something similar so the editor is certain he has the entire story? If you want italic use italic. If you want bold face use boldface. Do not underline. Underlining to get italic goes back to the days when writers used typewriters and compositors actually set type. Those days are mostly over and it’s an antiquated habit. We prefer Times New Roman in 12 point type. Stories should be from 1K-7K words in length. Query if you have questions. Send an attached file to:

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