Sunday, December 3, 2017


In college I took a marketing class in the business school.  I wasn't a business major, but I thought it would be interesting.  We had to come up with a product and develop a plan of how we would market it.  My product was Lump-o-coal.  It would be a piece of coal  shrink wrapped on a card with a punch hole so it could be hung on a peg in stores.  The cardboard would have a picture of Santa Claus and it would say on the front "For that Rotten Little Kid" On the back would be more info on the concept of giving a lump of coal to kids on Santa's naughty list.  I think I got a "B" on the project, mainly because the professor thought it was a limited market.  I always had visions of a Christmas morning with hundreds of Christmas stockings with a Lump-o-coal sticking out of them. It would've been awesome.

I never really had the resources to actually produce and sell this, although I always wanted to.  I always envisioned it as the next pet rock.  If someone wants to run with this concept and develop it, be my guest. It's obvious I will never get it off the ground.

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