Sunday, December 17, 2017

May the Force Be Somewhere

I thought I'd rant a bit about science fiction.  First of all, there's a new Star Wars movie out.  I sure hope it doesn't blow like the last one.   I remember little about the last one as it was so unremarkable. I know I fell asleep during it and Luke Skywalker got his light saber delivered by FedEx or someone at the last minute of the movie. Otherwise, it was pretty forgettable.   Maybe I'll see the new one, but I doubt it.

And I still have not seen the new Star Trek TV show.  I think that all access deal is a rip off and you get little but TV reruns and Star Trek near as I can tell.  I'm not paying extra for Star Trek. Frankly, I wish they'd stop going back to the early federation and pick up where Voyager ended.The federation has grown and evolved so why go back to toddler stage?   

Speaking of Star Trek, much buzz about the Quentin Terantino Star Trek film  I sure hope they place it in the federation after Next Generation or Voyager, somewhere in that era.  

So, I'm pretty much sick of Star Wars. It seems like it's nothing but a cash cow to be milked by Disney and little else.   I wouldn't mind having a light saber, though.  That would be cool.  Otherwise, I really don't give a fat rats ass what happens to these movies. And I'm somebody who really likes science fiction.  But the unwashed masses seem to really go for this stuff, based on the lines outside the theater.

And speaking of Star Trek, did I ever mention I thought Captain Janeway was kind of hot?  People at work back in Colorado used to disagree on this but I thought she was pretty hot. The folks at the hotel liked Seven of Nine better. And I always thought Dr. Crusher was hot on Next Generation.  I never really wanted to bang anyone on Deep Space Nine.  That Trill chick didn't do it for me and neither did the Bajoran chick.  Sorry, no can do there.  So, if I was getting an assignment, it would have to be Voyager and not DS 9.  . Oh that Dabo girl was kind of cute, but I don't think so.  Thanks for sharing that with us, Dave. 

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