Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Obligatory Self Promoting Gift Guide for Christmas Procrastinators

Okay, still haven't started your holiday shopping.  Christmas is this Monday.  Here's an easy solution. Give books to people. Not just any books--my books.  Whilst Mostly Books in Tucson, Quimby's in Chicago & Broadway Book Mall in Denver have some of my books, I have no idea if your local bookseller has any. Not to worry, you can still order from Amazon and select two day delivery and check gift wrapping and a wrapped present will still arrive in time for Christmas if you act today.

Does your recipient like science fiction?  Send them Bonded Agent.   It's even got lizard men. That's Bonded Agent by David B. Riley

Want more of a western flavor for that favorite buckaroo?  Then get Funged.  Ling Fung will dazzle and amaze as he takes on his adversaries with his martial arts skill in this western fantasy featuring two awesome novellas.. It's even got a Yeti in the story. How cool is that?.  Order Legends of the Dragon Cowboys by David B. Riley & Laura Givens and you also get her story of "Chin Song Ping and the Long, Long Night."  The critics like her story even more than mine.  

Prefer a mix of stories?  Then order Gunslingers and Ghost Stories. It;s got all sorts of ghostly tales from the Old West.

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