Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Man Who Invented Christmas --Review

As any of the regular readers of this blog will tell you, I don’t do very many reviews.  Well, I’ve also maintained that I believe I have seen every English language film or television special portraying A Christmas Carol.   Naturally, when a new movie came out on this topic I had to go and see it.  The Man Who Invented Christmas is about how Dickens wrote the book, A Christmas Carol   It was later adapted to a play and later still adapted for film. 

I find this a difficult film to review.  I know every line in the dramatized versions. I believe it to be not only the best Christmas story ever written but also the best ghost story.  But what if someone were not as enamored with this concept?  While I was thrilled to see Ebenezer Scrooge develop before my very eyes, would someone less enthralled with this work feel the same? I’m not really sure. 

This movie is well acted.  It gives us a look at dark, gritty Victorian London and a look into Dickens’ personal life as well.  Scrooge, as he develops, forces Dickens to go some places in his own memories that he would rather forget–just as the three Christmas ghosts force Scrooge to do the same. Just go and watch it. This is much better than those stupid syrupy things that pass for Christmas movies these days.

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  1. I think A Christmas Carol remains perennially popular and the idea that the guy who wrote could be credited with "inventing" Christmas adds interest. The idea is controversial but does have merit. In this sense, I don't see this movie as being about Dickens per se, but more about A Christmas Carol and the guy who invented Christmas who just happens to be Charles Dickens, an author people have heard of because they read something by him in school.