Friday, January 26, 2018

blow me down

Our wind is back.  We're not used to a lot of wind in this part of Arizona, but we seem to be getting more and more of it.  It makes mild days seem chilly. Case in point, this afternoon I was running some errands and I noted that a lot of our senior citizens were running around with heavy coats on. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt, though I do admit I felt a little uncomfortable. Still, it struck me as odd that the old people were wearing heavy coats and I wore none.

Could it be that I used to live in Colorado for 17 years? Perhaps, although I think I've been in Tucson long enough to have acclimated.  Maybe some people just are sissies.  I don't know. When the wind died down in the afternoon I saw no need for a coat yet old people were still wandering around all bundled up. I can't figure it.

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