Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dear Cookie

Dear Chinese Fortune Cookie Company

I recently had food at a Chinese restaurant here in Tucson.  I was given a fortune cookie at the end of my meal, which is, of course, state law. I ate my cookie and then I read my fortune. It said I am going to come into a fortune.  Well, I've been kind of wondering, when that will be, exactly.  I went to the financial planner and they asked me where the fortune was coming from. I told them I didn't know but it was in my fortune cookie and they threw me out of the place.  [Well, not really but I wanted to].

By the way, I really like Chinese food. I understand why it's so popular in China.  My brother doesn't like fortune cookies. He thinks I'm an idiot. I think you couldn't print I was getting a fortune cookie if it wasn't true. So, what  should I tell the financial planners?

Your friend,


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