Saturday, January 27, 2018

Don't Go In There!

I've said previously how much nicer the library in Tempe is than the Pima County libraries around the greater Tucson area.  I was up there for their book fair last fall.  The local libraries here are tiny little things. They have few books, and just a row of computer terminals,  a meeting room or two and that's about it. Sure, the librarians are nice enough, but there's just so little point in going in there.  Add to this the bathroom is almost always out of order.

Why is the bathroom out of order? The neighboring park is crawling with bums. They're everywhere and the only bathroom around is inside the library. So, to discourage the bums, I believe they're faking the bathroom being out of order. Frankly, I only go in there to use the bathroom. The library is pretty much useless for me otherwise. I guess I've been mistaken for a bum before so it may be intentional for me as well.

The Denver area had nice libraries.  They actually had books and stuff in them, unlike ours. Ours seem designed for access in there are quite a few branches, but these branch libraries have nothing in them but bathrooms that are out of order.  Ergo, why have them at all?  Weird, being on the side of the bums.

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