Sunday, January 21, 2018

Oh Britania

When I was a lad I loved British comedy.  Back then you didn't get the BBC channel, you picked up a few programmes on PBS and occasionally on some independent station.  Well, now the stuff is still on PBS and also on the BBC Channel. To a point, anyway. The BBC Channel carries a lot of Star Trek and a lot of BBC programming does not appear in the USA. Frankly, I find the current crop of British TV incomprehensible.  [I'm not going to go into Dr. Who, I've talked about it before]. Just absolute gibberish that makes no sense.  I tried to watch a few British shows last night and turned them off. I could not even stand to watch them.

I note the schism in terms of sales of written material as well.  I used to sell quite a few books in the UK. And I always sold copies of my magazine Science Fiction Trails.   Not any more. Now it is rarely never that I sell something in the UK.  

What's the deal? I don't know.  Either Britain or I have changed, it would seem.

I still have fantasies of British police women handcuffing and searching me. There's something about that uniform. But that has nothing to do with whatever it was I was talking about.

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