Tuesday, January 2, 2018


People don't all do their Christmas lights the same.  They go up differently and go down differently.  I take mine down the day after Christmas.  Most folks leave them up until New Years. Yesterday, most of the holiday decorations in my neighborhood disappeared. Now it's same old gated community boredom for the next eleven months or so until we start over again.

I was brought up in the Episcopal tradition where you celebrate 12 days of Christmas, then you toss your trees. Actually, I think you;re supposed to burn them.  Like I said, my practice has evolved and the decorations go right after Christmas.  Somehow, I don't think they had electric Christmas lights on the manger where Jesus was born, and an evergreen tree with ornaments also seems unlikely. So, I do not really know how we got to electric lights to decorate our homes.  I do know the modern version of Christmas was simply a co-opting of a Roman winter festival. But I don't think the Romans used electric Christmas lights, either.  I'm sure they did on the History Channel, but not anywhere else.

Of course the retail stores will have it all back up in  a few months. They had Christmas decorations up around here well before Halloween.  They had Rudolph standing next to the Grim Reaper at one store. Kind of weird. It won't be long and it'll go straight from Forth of July to Christmas decorations in stores, me thinks. So, let me be the first to wish everyone a Merry Forthmus. 

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