Monday, January 15, 2018

Pool Shenanigans

Something interesting happened to me last week. I went to an apartment complex to give a friend a ride to the airport.  I was waiting out front for her to finish putting useless crap in her suitcase when I noticed a commotion in the pool.  It was around seven o’clock pm, so it was dark this time of year.  Anyway, since people were talking loudly it wasn’t hard to figure this out. Apparently, four boys circa 13 years old decided to go skinny dipping in the apartment’s pool. A woman walked by the pool and one of the boys asked her if she wanted to join them. This was about an 18 year old blond.  She apparently decided what the hell, dropped her running shorts and everything else and jumped in.

So, naturally, the mother of one of the boys shows up. She is furious that the boys are naked in the pool, and especially that they’ve got a full grown completely naked adult female in the pool with them. Mom’s nearly hysterical and wants to call the police. Then her husband shows up and calms her down and everyone puts their clothes on and goes home.

My friend only caught the last part of it. so I filled her in. Her only question was “Was she attractive?”

“Yes.” was my answer. 

So we’re on the way to the airport and my friend asked me what I thought of that. I said the boys are probably very unhappy the mom showed up. They erred in being in a public pool, but skinny dipping with a girl at that age–they probably thought they died and went to heaven.

Well, she did not seem to like my answer.  “I can’t believe she did that. I’d never do that.”

Thankfully we got to the airport and that ended it.

But it got me thinking. Men and women do not always view the same situation in the same way.
I checked the girl out when she got out of the pool. My friend did not seem to think I should’ve looked at her.   And I didn’t think the boys were doing anything all that bad.  The mother thought it was Sodom and Gomorrah out there.

As a nation, Americans are somewhat prudish when it comes to public nudity.  Nude swimming is not all that common here.

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