Monday, January 8, 2018

That's Service

Last Thursday I took my car into the Ford dealer for servicing.  They got all confused and didn't charge me.  I even pointed out they made a mistake but the cashier couldn't fix it so they just said it was complimentary.  Now, how often do you get something free from a car dealer? They're masters at extracting people from their money.  It was free.  Wow.

I was so happy I went to the very good Chinese restaurant  down the street and had lunch.  When I got the bill, it was wrong. They hadn't charged me for my drink. I was told not to worry about it. So, I paid the reduced price and left. 

Couldn't really imagine places that didn't want my money.  The hospital did wonders for my shoulder with physical therapy, but I think the bill is wrong.  They certainly want my money and then some. So I guess the money gods decided to cut me a break on Thursday and let me slide.  I liked it.  I just wonder what new calamity awaits to make up for it. 

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