Thursday, January 25, 2018

touchy people and a big mouthed idiot

Boy, my quickness to open my mouth got me in trouble yesterday. I should do better to keep my big mouth shut. I was reading stories for Science Fiction Trails whilst I was having lunch at a coffee shop by using this wonderful device called a notebook computer.  One story was simply awful by someone who claims to be a published author.  I said aloud, to no one in particular, "This moron can't even form a paragraph. " The waitress asked me what I was doing. I said I was editing a book [not wanting to explain SF Trails]. That would've been okay had I let it drop then. But no. I added, "He must be home schooled. He can't read or write, let alone compose a story."

Well, that's my bias. I really have not found home schooled people to be particularly well educated. Sorry if you're home schooled. I got my penance for my arrogance. Read on.

So, the waitress, a very nice woman with gorgeous red hair, who I happen to be kind of sweet on, is standing there glaring at me whilst she was holding a coffee pot [I don't drink coffee, but other customers do].  And she's glaring at me with hate rays coming out of her eyes. "I'm home schooled," she said. My immediate fear was she was going to douse me with the hot coffee. Mercifully, she just walked away. And she never came near my table again. I didn't even get a check, let alone an iced tea refill.  

Well, I really stepped in it.  I paid my check and told the cashier person I didn't have a check yet and she looked me up and it was no big deal. Then I left after leaving a typical 20 percent tip on the table.  Now, I felt really bad about my crass remark and tried to suppress an urge to leave a $20 tip. But that would change nothing and might even re-offend her again.  Now, I could've gone over and apologized. I started to, then she vanished back in the kitchen--where they keep the knives. I decided to retreat and leave. I'd done enough damage.  I really have a way with women. 

The story really was wretched. It was rejected, of course. But editing is a solitary job and I should keep it that way. 

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