Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Westward Ho

I do a lot of work in westerns. Sort of.  Actually, I edit and write weird westerns. Legends of the Dragon Cowboys  is a weird western. David Boop's Straight Outta Tombstone is a weird western anthology [I'm not involved with that, just an example]. These aren't quite the same as traditional westerns in that they have horror or fantasy aspects to them. Still, I like to stay current on what goes on with westerns--especially when a new feature film comes out. As I said yesterday, Hostiles is not very good, in my opinion. 

Still, Hostiles did a few things that the heyday of the western rarely explored. All the tribes weren't the same.  Some Indians were bad and some weren't all that bad. The government did not treat Indians particularly well.  So, think back to the westerns of yester year.   The Indians attacked the good fine white people just out there trying to take Indian lands away from them. Nope, Hostiles didn't promote that. But the story is still a mess and it's almost an incomprehensible plot.  

That's hardly new. Little Big Man did that much better decades ago.  This story wants us to understand it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Duh. It still makes little sense and it's still an awful movie.

So, the remake of The Magnificent Seven--I went.    And the next major western that comes out--I'll go to it as well.  And maybe they'll make one I actually like some day. That would be nice.

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