Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Howling Good Time!

Well, yesterday there was supposed to be this big honking moon. And it also came with some sort of eclipse.  I wouldn't know. I was too busy trying to sleep.  Emphasis trying to sleep.  The full moon seemed to really fire up the coyotes.  They were standing in my back yard howling away at the moon, having a good old time.  Boy howdy was I glad when that stopped.

Although, I was tempted to go outside and howl with them.  Back a few years ago my parents had a golden retriever.  Sometimes I'd dog sit him if they were going somewhere.  So I'd take him on his walk and the local coyotes would sometimes start howling.  I'd answer them back.  I don't know if they thought I was another coyote or they thought I was some dude howling, but they'd answer back. Now Zeto, the dog, could hear all this and he would get really upset.  "You're scaring me Dave. Stop howling Dave. Seriously, stop howling." But I would just ignore him. The coyotes would usually stop first. Then I'd give up.  

So, when I say I was tempted to go out and howl with the coyotes, I really mean it. I just didn't want to put my shoes on or I would have. Plus it was kind of chilly last night.  Howling at the moon. Haven't done that in years. Might've been fun.


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