Monday, February 5, 2018

Be Careful What You Wish For

With the Winter Olympics coming up I thought I'd share a memory:

As I've said many times, I worked at a hotel in Vail, Colorado for a number of years.  And most of that was on the night shift.  Hotels have meetings for various groups.  I recall there was one meeting going on with some local media and what not. Anyway, I was working a rare evening shift and not the night shift, which meant checking in guests.  So I checked in this man, who was with three other guys.  And I said "if you need anything let me know."  I often said that or something similar.

"Well, can you get me a date with Lindsey Vonn" [a famous local skier]. He said.

"You'll have to ask her yourself, sir," was my immediate response. "She's standing right behind you."  I actually was not sure, but a woman who sure looked like her had come into the lobby as this group was breaking up.  I have never actually met her.  And this guy sure as hell hadn't, either.

The poor guy had no idea what to do.  He slowly turned and accepted the premise it was her. 

"Well, go ask her out," one of his buddies said.

"She's pretty busy."

"No, she's not," his buddy pointed out.

":Look, she's leaving."  He sounded very relieved.  

And they all went off to their room.

That was about how I figured it would turn out.  It would've really been something if he'd gone over to her and it really was the famous skier and he actually got a date with her.  That didn't happen.  He should've taken a notepad off the front desk and gone over and gotten her autograph, then told his buddies she gave him her phone number.  I don't think he thought of that.  

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