Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Haunted Hotels

Well, I've been editing an anthology along with author Julie Campbell called Hotel Haunted, which is a project for Wolfsinger Publications.  It was interesting to see what other people came up with in the way of ghost stories.  

It's been a long held belief of mine that Americans do not care for ghost stories much.  Zombies, for example, always seem to be more popular. So do vampires. I prefer ghost stories. They're my favorite type of horror tale.   I like to do what interests me and that's why it's ghost stories. Even though I convinced myself they aren't as popular, my anthology Gunslingers & Ghost Stories is the best selling anthology I have edited to date.

Back in October I met with Wolfsinger publisher Carol Hightshoe at Mile Hi Con and made a deal with her for me to edit an anthology.  I've had a few stories in their anthologies and they are the publisher of my science fiction novel, Bonded Agent.   

Next came the reading and selection phase.  Co-editor Julie Campbell and I did not disagree on a single story.  There were yes stories and no stories and we had no disagreements.  We did have two stories we wanted minor re-writes to.  All in all it was a smooth process.  Once the re-writes come back, we'll ship off the material to the publisher.  Some creepy stuff in this one, but that's a good thing for a horror anthology.  And that's how you make an anthology.

Anthologies rarely sell as well as novels.  I'm not sure why.  They're a good way to read new authors you might not be aware of.  When a release date is announced I'll post ordering info so anyone can order a copy who might want one.  I just hope it's on the market before Halloween. That's one time of year when folks are very receptive to ghost stories. 

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