Saturday, February 10, 2018

Horrible telephone services

I hate text messages.  I really hate them.  It seems like every place I do business with has suddenly taken it upon themselves to text me.   So,in disgust, I called my service provider and said I don't want text messages.  Well, the jabbering idiot in  the Indian call center kept telling me that text messages were included and it didn't cost extra.  I know it's included.  I don't want the damned hardware store to send me a text that they have light bulbs on sale.  So I hung up and then got a text message tanking me for my call and hoping I am satisfied. I ain't satisfied.  

I'd like to text the mangers of the phone company who provide my horrible service and tell them what I'd like to do to them, but that would get me in trouble.  It is no wonder people go off the grid.

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