Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What if you don't know nothin?

They say writers should write what they know.  What if they don't know anything?  Well, that doesn't seem to stop them.  Yesterday I lamented the lack of adherence to our writers guidelines for Hotel Haunted, the ghost anthology.  The situation at Science Fiction Trails  is quite different.  Most of the stories I get do, technically, comply with the guidelines.  But they're just crap.  They're often just some walking badge of a sheriff or generic Indians.  Most of the characters are just titles and they don't even bother to give that character a name.  If a writer doesn't even care enough about a character to give him a name, why should I care?  Answer: I don't.

Sure, it's not as easy to write about the 1800s as it is modern times.  But it's not that hard.  I said I was particularly looking for robot stories. Thus far I've gotten one.  Used to get a lot of professor/inventor type stories.  Now, I hardly ever see them.  Aliens in a cave for some inexplicable reason--those I still get.

I knew we  lost some momentum after coming back from the grave after I cancelled SFT.  But the drop in quality of stories is simply astonishing.  And I really do not know why.

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