Tuesday, February 27, 2018

WWWC 7 part 2

My last post mentioned my schedule at WWWC 7.  This is my first time to actually go to this con. To those outside of Arizona this may be of little interest. The con is held at Old Tucson Studios.  Back in the day, they filmed a lot of movies and TV shows there. I'm sure a company could film something today, but the place is now a tourist park. It has  the same locations where they filmed Gunsmoke and High Chaparral.  They've added some rides and you can drive old timey cars and take the train around the park.  I have been to the park, but not to WWWC.  It's an interesting place to hold a steampunk convention. 

In October the place opens at night and becomes a haunted western town. That version is called Nightfall and I haven't been to that yet, either.  

Most cons are held in hotels, as hotels have meeting rooms and they'll often give you rooms based on how many hotel rooms you can fill. That's the common formula.  Having the convention at the Old Tucson site is a very different environment.  They're using the Saloon for the concerts. Smaller activities like my presentations are being held in the sheriff's office and a few similar buildings in the park. There's a barn the dealers are in.

And it really works out for me, as I am only ten minutes away from the park.

There is a convention hotel for folks coming in from out of town.. Alas there aren't any hotels near Old Tucson and people staying at the convention hotel are over by the airport--some distance away.

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