Friday, March 23, 2018

Fight! Fight!

Well, a few days ago former VP Joe Biden said he'd like to kick Donnie Trump's ass.  Donnie twittered Biden would go down fast.  I sure wish they'd do it.  Have a fight.  Set up a boxing rink on the lawn of the White House and go at it boys.  I'd watch.  Heck they could make it a pay-per-view and use the money to pay down the national debt.  

They're both about the same age.  Donnie is bigger.  Where's Don King? Let's get this started.

Personal note: I'd love to fight Donnie.  I can't. I have some serious kidney problems, including the fact I only have one. A blow to my remaining kidney could kill me.  So I can't really fight him. I'm sure a fight with Joe would raise more money anyway. 

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