Sunday, March 18, 2018


In the past two months I've noticed the presence of a hawk in my neighborhood. I started calling him Henry for the Warner Bros. cartoon character.  He's a mighty good looking bird.  I've also noticed our local quail and jackrabbit population seems much lower lately.  I can't prove the coincidence, but one wonders. We had a ton of jackrabbits and now we don't.  

Two days ago I was over at my dad's house. We were sitting in his back yard.  I had noticed two doves were on his fence. He said they were there a lot lately. Then, poof, they were gone. I looked up and saw this big bird coming down. It adjusted course and flew off. The doves had avoided being eaten.  I went home and looked up what I'd seen.  It was a golden eagle. Wow. You don't see them in residential areas very often. But there it was.  

I went home and wanted to tell Henry about the eagle, but I didn't see him anywhere.

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