Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Well, I had a nice time at Wild Wild West Con.  Gave talks on three different topics. My 1897 Airship was very well attended with folks asking intelligent questions.  I love talking about that event. A very friendly group of people and a well run con.  The dealer area is a bit of a hike from the main area. I suspect they'd get more traffic if they were closer.  Hard to tell how many people were there--the steam crowd is intermixed with the general park visitors so you've got the folks in goggles and the regular folks wandering around together. [The con has certain buildings reserved for their events].   In general steampunk seems to be in decline. Steampunk had  a major impact on various genres, especially horror and fantasy.  Steam cons came  on strong, but now seem to be waining. I note Denver's Anomaly Con ceased operating after last year.  

I've had some bad experiences with cons lately. A lot of them have snubbed me.  Some just aren't much fun. This was a nice turn of events.

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