Sunday, April 8, 2018

E book

And the ebook for Science Fiction Trails 13 is  now available from Kindle.

By the way, that's all there is. We aren't doing any other ebook channels than Kindle.  Some of my other books are on other venues. They never sell. And we've found distributors like Smashwords are simply more trouble to deal with than they are worth.  That's my opinion anyway.  We do sell enough Kindle copies to make it worthwhile.  The western ghost anthology Gunslingers & Ghost Stories has sold quite well on Kindle. 

So that's about it out of Science Fiction Trails Publishing for 2018. We have no other projects planned.  I'm going to concentrate on my own writing for now.  The haunted hotel ghost anthology should be out in a few months, but that's published by Wolfsinger and not an SFT product.  

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  1. Smashwords is definitely more trouble than it's worth.