Sunday, April 1, 2018

Fools Day

Back about six or seven years ago, at the hotel I used to work at in Colorado a customer got a call from the front desk around 7 am informing  him his Amex card was bad. Furthermore, the front desk politely asked if he could come over as soon as possible.  Well, the poor guy got dressed and came over  to see what was wrong. And the agent at the front desk smiled and said "April Fools."

And his wife and kids started laughing. And then he realized the longstanding tradition of getting him on April Fools Day was alive and well.

I was the front desk agent. The family had asked me the night before to do the joke on him. I had very reluctantly agreed. If the victim had gotten mad I could have been fired,  The family could have turned the joke on me and denied any knowledge.     But they didn't.  They went off to breakfast as happy as can be. In fact, they left me a $20 "Tip" when they checked out of the hotel.

So, they had their fun. All was well.

I've played April Fools Day jokes on  people over the years.   Strangely, the one person I never play jokes on is my father.     His birthday is on April Fools Day. I thought he'd be great when I was young and learning about the concept. But my mother wisely counseled me otherwise. My father has absolutely no sense of humor. He doesn't know what's funny and what's not.      So we didn't play April Fools on him.  I got my brother quite  a few times. In fact, I quit doing him as it was just too easy. The thrill was gone.

I doubt I'll do anyone this year.  I've given up. I've thought about doing them to writers, during an editing cycle for an anthology I could send an acceptance on April First--followed by a "you;ve got to be kidding" rejection. But that seemed a little cruel and I never did it.  

So, happy April  Fools Day to all and to all a good night.


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