Monday, April 16, 2018

R Lee Ermy

I note the passing of R. Lee Ermy, the lovable retired marine who appeared in a number of roles during an acting career that began when he left the corps. In particular, he played the father of bounty hunter Brisco County Jr.  That means he played a US Marshal who was murdered--inspiring his son to seek revenge.

I'm not sure if he regretted that role. I seem to recall it was not credited in the actor credits.  He had other more memorable parts. I note that particular role as I just loved that show.  It was like a show made just for me.

I met a woman once who was like the sister of a co-worker back in Colorado.  Anyway, it was a get together at the sister's house and someone noted the boxed set of Brisoc was by the TV. What the hell is this? Someone asked.  She started telling everyone about the show--which no one had seen except the sister because the visiting sister had to watch it back home.  I joined in and started talking about Socrates Poole, the lawyer and the mysterious orbs and everyone else kind of went to another room.

So, my newfound friend and I stayed up all night talking about Briscoe County Junior and some related shows like Legend.  At six am the not visiting sister got up and was shocked to find us still in her living room talking.  I would've gladly married this girl right then and there. I had found my soul mate. And she went back to Kansas and I go a polite postcard from her and never heard from her again. And that was that.

So, when anything connected to that show comes up, such as the death of an even minor cast member [Ermy only appeared twice as I recall]  I tend to rattle on about it--like now. Have a nice day..

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