Monday, May 14, 2018

Alexa the world really wants

Time for more the Alexa I'd like  to see.

Alexa, where can I dump a body?
The best place to dump a body is in the Sonoran desert, in the shade.  Scavengers will quickly dispose of it.

Alexa, I want to poison my girlfriend.
Arsenic is the historical favorite as it has similar symptoms to common stomach problems. However, hemlock works much faster.

Alexa, Get me a prostitute.  And I didn't like the last one. Find me someone prettier.
Jaet will be here at 7. She takes all major credit cards.

Alexa, What time does Sally from across the street get out of school?
She gets out of school at 3:15 PM.

Alexa, what's the going ransom for girls like Sally across the street?
Sally's parents earn about $100,000 a year but have limited savings, It's unlikely they could raise more than ten thousand dollars.

Alexa, I need a new sniper rifle with night vision scope, untraceable.
Freddie will deliver your rifle this afternoon.

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