Monday, May 7, 2018

Another review

Getting a review in a big city paper is something really cool.  Sure a website review is nice, but newspapers have far larger readership, even nowadays, than a typical web based publication.  The Sunday readership in the Arizona Daily Star [Tucson's paper] is around 360,000.  Whilst it's not the New York Times, that ain't bad. I am told the Star is the second largest paper in Arizona, following the Arizona Republic, which is a Phoenix paper.

Every now and then they focus their Sunday review section on local authors. Well, yours truly got a very nice review yesterday for Legends of the Dragon Cowboys, co-authored by Laura Givens. Since newspapers have cut back a lot on reviews, getting a book reviewed in a paper is something. So I was quite happy yesterday. 

The link follows if anyone would like to read it.  [Yes, they did mess up my name at the end].

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