Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Libraries, like many of our beloved institutions, seem to be in decline.  As people get their information online, they have less need to go to a library.  Still, there a lot of people that still use libraries.  There are certain libraries  that I am particularly fond of as they carry some of my books in their collection.  I've heard writers bellyache about libraries because a hundred people or one--you don't get any additional revenue.  I think that's a shortsighted attitude.  When someone checks out one of my books, I'm thrilled.  That's a potential new reader of my other books or books not yet written.

The local library system here in Tucson has some of my books.  Quite a few of my books are in libraries back in Colorado. I used to be a Colorado author for those new to this blog.  There's one Colorado library that's picked up almost all of my books.  They have all of my weird western and related books that I edited or am the author of. Funny is, I never asked them to carry them. I don't really know how they found me.

Whilst I used to send announcements to libraries, the system in Colorado seems to be picking up my books based on reviews of some sort. I can't be sure,  but I sure appreciate it. I look at the availability of library books and smile when a book is checked out to somebody. 

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