Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Return of Miles O'Malley

Miles O'Malley was the vagabond barber from an 1880's world centered around California who was in my first novel The Two Devils, which debuted 14 years ago.   Miles encountered all sorts of paranormal activities, but his main nemesis was the Mayan god Ah Puch.  Well, he went on to fight Ah Puch and appeared in a few short stories.

Then last year a new character joined this California universe--Ling Fung, a traveller from China who also clashed with the Myan god Ah Puch. 

Anyway, I've been working on a new book set in this universe and I just completed it.  Miles is a few years older and he's at least a competent lawman now.  And that was my problem.  The book wasn't about Miles, it was about the angel Mabel, who also appeared with Miles 14 years ago.  I was all set to send it to a publisher when I realized this was really Mabel's story, not Miles's.  So I went back and drastically re-worked the story. It was Mabel, not Miles who was driving it.

So, I have now completed the re-worked book.  It's not long. I seem to be doing a lot of work in the novella range these days--which is a real bear to get published. Nonetheless, I have a publisher in mind.  

Miles is Federal Lawmen Miles O'Mally who carried what's know as the devil's gun--the gun that never misses. He's going to need it.  

But it's Mabel, a gorgeous redhead actual angel. The only thing is, she was one of the angels cast out of heaven along with Lucifer a long time ago.  It's her story.  And we also get to meet her sister who was also cast out of heaven.  

So, Mabel was just a love interest for Miles way back when.  She's now become such a strong character she pushed Miles aside and got me to go back and re-do the entire story.  

I don't know if people will like this new book. We'll see what the publisher thinks.  

Stay tuned.

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