Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Holy Math Batman

In school, especially high school, I had to take algebra, then geometry, then some other godforsaken math class that was especially bewildering.  Many years later, as I look back, they were useless. I didn't use algebra at all--or the other stuff.  

I did take two college level statistics classes.  I loved them and fulfilled my math requirements with them.  They were useful--probably the most useful classes I ever took.  

But this high school crap--what good is it?  I don't know. I am not talking about basic math like addition and stuff. I could do that in my sleep and never took that in high school.  I'm talking about algebra.  I would've learned so much more elsewhere.

And I sure wish we had creative writing back then. I'd have liked that. No, we spent weeks being bewildered diagramming sentences.  

What brought this on?  Don't know really.

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