Thursday, June 21, 2018


I'm amazed the Canadians haven't invaded yet.  I still figure it's coming, eh.  We'll show them a thing or two. Actually, I doubt anyone will notice.  We'll all finish our sentences with eh and not really know why.  And that'll be about it.  Some people may wonder why the money looks different, but Queen Elizabeth kind of looks like George Washington, so that may not really be much of a problem.  

One thing that does worry me is the barbecue.  On my one and only trip to Toronto, I found the barbecue was disgusting.  They even lured me in by having black people run the place. We all know black people know how to cook barbecue--wrong. It was horrid.  

I figure they'll release the children from concentration camps and try and feed us barbecue that's inedible.  Otherwise, I figure being occupied by Canada will be about the same.

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