Thursday, June 28, 2018

Walking away

Twice this week I've left two restaurants without any food. The first one was for a calzone. I hadn't planned to get food, but had little at home and ordered in person. Was told 20 minutes. Forty minutes later I walked out. I just left.

Then there was the bag of ice. A local fast food outlet with golden arches sells bags of ice. After paying for it, something was obviously wrong.  No ice was brought to the window. I could hear them talking about it--there was no ice.  I was directed to go to the lane of no return where they send you when something gets screwed up. I did not go there. Instead, I drove home.

Why would someone just drive off without making a scene with the manager or getting a refund or something?  Why indeed?  Because I think saying nothing and letting them keep their food when service is poor, or non existent speaks volumes. I could be wrong, of course.

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