Wednesday, July 25, 2018

More words

I mentioned the N word the other day. That's a powerful word that can really get folks riled up.  One word that I find interesting is hell.  Hell, in theory, is a geographic place.  Yet, there are certain people who view it as a cuss word and get right worked up if you speak it.  Again, I consider it a word, not that different than any other other words floating around in that confused mess of a brain that sits on the the top of my neck. But, I had first hand knowledge of just how powerful hell can be. Back in Vail, Colorado I came to work at the hotel one night and there was some strange  box and I asked, "What the hell is this?"  For my trouble I was sent home and suspended for my effort.  Yep, for saying hell.

Wonder what they'd have done if I'd come in and asked, "What kind of cocksucking piece of shit is this>"  If I'd only know they were going to suspend me I would've been more precise.

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