Tuesday, July 3, 2018

whistling Juniper

When I was young I just loved fireworks.  My brother and I blew the hell out of every ant hill and gopher hole we could find.  Where we lived fireworks were illegal.  That didn't stop anyone.     Even better were the times we went to Arkansas where my grandmother lived.  They were completely  legal. And I'm not talking the safe & insane kind. These were real fireworks.   I always thought bottle rockets were the best deal. You could 50 of them for peanuts and send off. Great value.  Tomorrow I'll talk about barrel bombs.

Then they had these things called Whistling Jupiters. They would take off and chase you.  When a flaming spinning about to explode firework takes off and heads your way it was motivation to move. My brother called them Whistling Junipers for some reason.


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