Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Another Dog Movie

Alpha is coming.  It's another dog movie.  Well, I guess it's more of a wolf movie.  I don't know.  I dread dog movies. I always seem to start crying. That is not the image I want to portray.  The last dog movie I saw in a theater some time ago was Ten Below. These sled dogs were abandoned at the south pole.  I was crying when it ended and vowed never again will I go to a movie in a theater.

There have been other times. It goes back to my childhood. They killed the yellow doggie in Old Yeller.  

Of course I'll go and see it.  Then I'll swear off these movies until another one comes out.  

I'm a sucker for dog movies.  Although I did not care for the poor use of the dog in Cowboys &              Aliens.  The dog was okay, I just don't think the director used him very effectively.  But that's not a dog movie but a dog acting role.

After Old Yeller, at some point we saw White Fang in school as I recall.  My eighth grade English teacher was a huge Jack London fan.  Odd for a Brit.  At some point I saw Call of the Wild.

And so on.  They taught us lies in schools back then.  They told us dogs were canis familiaris.  in science class. They're not. They have the same genes as the wolf. They're all canis lupus.   

So, I'll go and see Alpha.  I can't help myself.  There are two types of movies I can't resist. Dog movies and submarine movies.  A sub movie with dogs for a crew--that would be something. 

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