Monday, August 20, 2018

sodden unfortunates

I was having lunch at a local chain Mexican restaurant [not Taco Bell, I don't eat there.]  Anyway, some really filthy bum comes inside and, thankfully, places a to go order.  He gets his burrito and goes to the front door, whereupon he freezes up.  There was a police car in the parking lot. Our sodden unfortunate likely had warrants.  After a few minutes the police were gone and  our bum left the facility to likely go to the dried up river nearby to consume his burrito.

What have we learned today?  I seem to love the term sodden unfortunate.  This guy was sodden and filthy even by bum standards.  Even bums contribute to our economy by buying things with the money they get from panhandling and whatever else they do. We have an amazingly high concentration of bums in Tucson.  If you live in Tucson and don't like someone, print up flyers with that person's name and address and put down free meals for the homeless Sunday [or whatever day]. Hand them out in the local parks. hundreds of people will show up.   I've never tried this concept because it's too evil--even for me. But it seems like something that would work.

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