Saturday, August 4, 2018

Them Martians

Earth is at apogee right now.  That means Earth and Mars are close together--as close as we get.  It's been about 15 years since we were that close.  It still is a fairly small red dot in the sky.  I don't trac this stuff like the backyard telescope crowd, but I believe most of the planets that can be seen without a telescope are visible now.  

Back to them Martians.  They've found some significant water. It's frozen. It's also possible Mars had more atmosphere and may have been warmer than it is now. I just hope they find evidence of life there.  I can't control what Nasa does, but I think their current efforts could have a Martian standing on the surface and our probes might not even notice them.  I'm just not impressed.  Since I can't afford my own space probes it will have to do.

Well, I was talking to some people about the apogee and Mars being so close and was asked "You should publish something about Mars." Well Buard breath, I said [just kidding] I have.  Two lovely products are currently available about Mars that I have edited.  There's The Martian Anthology 
and, for you steampunk/19th century fans, Science Fiction Trails #9 did an all Martian issue. And they're both available at Amazon for two bucks plus shipping through the end of August.  Click on the Marketplace other sellers to find our offer..  This offer is for Earth residents only. We are not currently able to ship to Mars.

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