Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Then again, maybe the place was haunted

For reasons I may not understand  I was looking at a site on Google with pictures of some rundown ranch buildings long ago abandoned in the Livermore Valley, some considerable miles from Livermore, which is east of Oakland. I was surprised they were still there.

Well, I found myself reminiscing about a night I and two friends went out there. It was summer. I had recently graduated high school. We got there just after dark.  One of my friends felt something touch him within minutes.  All of us thought we saw movement in the shadows.  Then the door to one of the buildings slammed shut.  We decided to get out of there. The other friend tripped and broke his leg. Alas, though we considered leaving him there, we decided to take him to a hospital.

Well, that hospital thing took some time. And I finally got home twenty minutes after midnight. Of course my mother was sitting at the table, puffing on one of her cigarettes, glaring at me. I had a midnight curfew.  "Do you think you can stay out all night?" she asked. Before waiting for an answer, she reminded me I wasn't 18 yet. [Still had about a week to go].  And that was about it.

I really don't know what debauchery my mother had thought I'd been up to. I doubt whatever it was had any basis close to the actual adventure.  I made no effort to tell her what I'd been doing, including sitting at a hospital for nearly two hours. 

And that is how I got interested in haunted places.

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