Friday, November 30, 2018

Name Game

In Wednesday's blog I might have implied that unpopular names are connected to bad people. My example is you just don't find people named Uriah Heep.  There are names that have fallen by the wayside that aren't necessarily "bad" characters.--lots of them.  Not too many Hercules out there.  Julius, except for that booth at the mall for Orange Julius, not too much. And how many girls named Cleopatra do you come across?  

Why some names become so tarnished and others don't is beyond me.  I do not understand it.  

I don't know to what degree the Census Bureau keeps track of names.  I wish they'd team up with the Government Printing Office and put out a book showing the most and least popular names for boys and girls.  

My vote new parents name your sons Percival in 2019. Let's get that one up in popularity.  And for girls, Oklahoma.  

As a writer, I was somewhat intrigued when I learned about Dickens' collection of names.  It's not always easy to come up with the right name for characters.   I have a novella that should be coming out in the first quarter of next year.  One of the main characters is a blond woman; that may not be entirely accurate. More like an angel.  She's Kevin.  That's just what name she drew when I created her. Oh, and she's plum crazy.  And I'll have more to say about Fallen Angel when it nears publication.

My Miles O'Malley character just sort of popped up.  Then one day I actually had a guest at the hotel named Miles O'Malley.  I was so thrilled. I upgraded him to a suite and he never knew why, but Miles O'Malley was staying at my hotel even if wasn't my Miles O'Malley.

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