Saturday, November 3, 2018

Writers write--or do they?

My recent trip to Mile Hi Con was mostly uneventful. I got to catch up with some old friends, had a little fun, but nothing of great consequence happened.  I didn't feel very good as my drive to Denver  was exhausting and I really just wanted to sleep.  

In this backdrop one recurring theme kept popping in my head.  Plagiarism.  I wished we had a panel or something on ripping off other people's creative work.  Why? Two of the authors at the con are thieves of other writer's work.  They've sent me stories that were written and published by older writers such as Jack London and O. Henry as their own work.  And I have every reason to assume they continue to do it.

And I have remained silent on this, reluctant to call them out by name because it could set off a legal battle and even if it didn't, I have little to gain by trying to take action.  Writing is not the practice of law.  There is no such thing as a writers license.  The various writing organizations really do nothing to protect the integrity of the craft.

So, I returned  home and thought about what I could realistically accomplish in the coming months and let it go at that.  

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