Monday, December 24, 2018

More gooder idea

My friend Ed sent along the following.

As Chief of the Literacy Police, all I want for Christmas is for people to stop saying:

"Statue" of limitations (Where is it, on the grounds of the State Board of Paroles and 
"Mischeeveeous" for "Mischievous"
"Nucular" for "Nuclear"
"Realator" for "Realtor"
"Passed away" for "Died"
"Reached out to" for "Approached" or "Asked for comment"  It's self-serving and saccharin.
"Him/Her and I" for "He/She and I"
"Womens'" for "Women's" (It's already plural, dumbass).
"Like" every third word, which dilutes its impact and meaning and its utility as a simile.
"I'll do ___" for "I'd like " or "I'll have ___" or "May I have ___" when ordering in a bar or restaurant.  For years, to "do" something or somebody meant to have sex with them or to kill them  So you'll "do" a hamburger?  Really?!!!  This is a current speech fad, because it wasn't heard anywhere until the last few years.

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