Thursday, December 13, 2018

Novella days

I've been busy going over my manuscript as the editor wanted a few minor changes.  I have a new novella coming out soon and it's being edited.  Next comes layout. Then we ad  cover. and call it a book.  Sort of.

My last book was actually two novellas--one by me and one by someone else in one book called Legends of the Dragon Cowboys.   This will be a first for me--a freestanding novella that's going to have to sink or swim on its own.  I don't know if something that size will sell but we shall find out.  I'll talk more about the book as the release date draws nearer. 

I really like this size book from the vantage point of a writer and to read.  The stories are deeper than a short story but don't bog down the way they sometimes can in a novel.  The new story is called Fallen Angel.  I hope people will like it.

I also have another novella being considered by a major New York publisher.  Now that would be something if they bought it.  

So, stay tuned.

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