Sunday, December 30, 2018

Obligatory year in review

At the end of the year it seems we have to reflect on the year that was for some inexplicable reason.  For starters, I had very little published. I edited a book that was going to be called Hotel Haunted. Well, the publisher never published it. The contributing authors are withdrawing their stories so it looks like a dead project.

I wrote a weird western novella called Fallen Angel, but it won't be out until March or so of next year. That means one big goose egg--not one story or book published in 2018.  I hope the new year will be more productive.

On a related note, I only attended two cons in 2018, Wild Wild West Con and Mile Hi Con.  I had been attending around four per year.  It was not really up to me. A number of cons I approached snubbed me.   I get a lot of that and I am not sure why.  

A lackluster year, pretty much.

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